Film Instructors for youth workshops:
Moira Simpson & Catrina Megumi Longmuir
Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Moira Simpson
Director / Researcher / Editor: Catrina Megumi Longmuir

Terry Taylor, Teacher, Lucerne School, District Principal SD #10
Gary Parkstrom, Teacher, Lucerne School

UBC Faculty of Education:
Penney Clark, Director, THEN/HiER Associate Professor
Anne Marie Goodfellow, Network Manager, THEN/HiER
Linda Farr Darling, Eleanor Rix Professor of Rural Education

Thank you to:
The New Denver Kyowakai Society
Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre
The History Education Network THEN/HieR Grant
UBC Faculty of Education
National Association of Japanese Canadians SEAD Grant
National Film Board of Canada, Pacific and Yukon Centre
Japanese Canadian National Museum
Cumberland Museum & Archives
ArtStarts in Schools
Recreation Commission #6
The Lucerne School
for their support in making “Telling the Stories of the Nikkei” possible

Thank you for sharing your time and stories with us:
Nobuyoshi (Nobby) Hayashi, Kiyoko (Kay) Takahara,
Sumi Matsushita, Gail Swanson, Emiko (Amy) Mori,
Tsuneko (Koko) Kokubo

Thanks also to the Students of Lucerne School, Beth Carter, Garbanzo (Paul Gibbons), Aiko Jackson, Maas Kirota, Reisa Levine, Kazuko & Gordon Longmuir, Mrs. Ono, Ceile Prowse, Chiyoko Reitmeier, Martin Rose


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